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A Few Fragrance Favorites

Note by Note

Top Notes: The initial alluring aroma

Heart (Mid) Notes: Fragrance that lingers a little longer

Base Notes: The grand finale; lasting, balanced scent

Cozy Cardigan

Find bedded bliss in layers of soft suede, blushing rose and amber silk.

Mandarin flower, coconut cream, bergamot


Soft suede, blushing rose, violet, velvet woods


Vanilla, amber silk, creamy sandalwood, patchouli

Farmhouse Fir

Fir needle and cedarwood get some pink grapefruit pizazz.

Pink grapefruit, blackberry, California lemon


Siberian fir needle, strawberry, tonka bean


Sandalwood, vanilla sugar, cedarwood

Perfect Peppermint

Cooler than most. Pure peppermint is the popular kid you’ll love to love.

Berry blend


Cooling peppermint


Sweet coconut, creamy vanilla

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ScenTrend 2019


Resinous. Woody. Fresh and unabashedly masculine. After extensive testing and trend analysis, Scentsy fragrance experts and leading international fragrance houses have chosen Woods as our current ScenTrend family.


Woods + Fruit


Woods + Apple


Woods + Herbs

Christmas Cactus

Agave nectar and citrus trim Siberian fir for a new kind of winter wonderland.

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Grandma’s Orchard

Discover total tranquility in fresh applewood and Anjou pear.

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Red Cedar & Sage

Run free through red cedar, sage and fresh forest greens.

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