My Story

I remember what it felt like to be graced with kindness. In 1992 my son was 6 months old. The day before Easter my ex husband and I had had an argument as to whether we should spend the little money we had to buy our son an Easter Basket. He was napping and I didn't want to wake him to do this since I was sure our son wouldn't remember it and he was too young for candy. As usual my ex won that argument and thank goodness he did because when we arrived back home after shopping we were met at the end of our driveway by a fire engine and police car. You see as soon as we left, our duplex had caught on fire, starting in our son's room where he had previously been napping. If we had not woken him, he would have been consumed by smoke that only ignited in a back draft as soon as the fire dept opened the front door. We were blessed with our lives that day. For weeks to follow the community we lived in came to our need with donations of clothing, furniture and Easter gifts for our son. I remember wondering how I could ever repay them. Years passed and my life had changed drastically over the years. In 2012 a fire destroyed buildings on Main street of the town I grew up in and the neighboring town to where I live today. Apartments had been lost, forcing people out of their homes. My mind instantly went back to the day of our home fire and I knew it was my time to give back! I wanted to give back and I wanted to do it in a way that would help not just one of the families but many that had been displaced. But how would I do that? I didn't have to look far. Scentsy! I had joined in 2010 as a hobby, but by having a fundraiser I was able to raise money for these families. I was blessed back in 1992 and was blessed in 2012 with Scentsy and a way to give back to my own home town and community. Life is full Circle and I know that Scentsy has been able to bless so many and not just me. I have been able to give back so much more and it fills my heart!

If you need a way to give back, maybe make a few dollars or maybe a fun new hobby like it was for me then ask me about Scentsy
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