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Edie n' Marissa ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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Learning about the benefits of fundraising after a devastating fire destroyed Edie's home in 1993, then being able to give back to her own community after a town fire destroyed many businesses and homes, she is now able to help others in need with her own Scentsy Business. Coming from a small town of around 200 people, Edie successfully reached the highest title in her company by utilizing social media and having the right mindset. She never gave up and keeps adjusting her sails to navigate as direct sales and social marketing consistently ebb and flow. She has been with Scentsy for almost 13 years and has continued to share the love of this company with many customers and team members. A Nana of 3 with 1 more on the way and Mother of 2 and StepMom to 2 more, she and her husband live in the rural area of Northern Maine. Edie and her daughter Marissa, run their business as a partnership and love the benefits of being able to travel together. Due to Scentsy and the ability to earn rewards, Edie has traveled to places like Greece, Africa and New Zealand as a Top 100 Consultant. They look forward to continuing to experience the world and share the opportunity with so many more!

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